Rosēum Wash & Lotion Duo

Presented in a bespoke luxurious card tube featuring 'Eynsham Hall' by fine artist Rose-Marie Caldecott.

The ROSĒUM Pair contains 1 x 85ml wash + 1 x 85ml lotion, suitable for travelling or the gym. This award winning ROSĒUM multipurpose wash is formulated from a gentle base of olive and coconut oils. The lightweight lotion is made from a restorative blend of base oils and butters. Both certified to the highest organic standard. The combined use of them leaves the skin of your face, hands and body naturally cleaned, softened and deeply hydrated.

The gentle hue of rose geranium and citrus notes of petitgrain, fusing with warm clove. An uplifting, regenerating scent that strokes and awakens the senses.

Vegan . Organic . Cruelty Free.

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